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For us, distributing green goods doesn't mean selling you a compostable fork and walking away. We provide you with countertop 'talkers' for your check-out areas, menu amendments and window sticks to communicate to your consumer that you care and provide them with the best possible products at all times.

The products we bring you are made from renewable resources such as corn, sugar cane and potatoes and are 100% compostable! That's right, they compost in less than a 100 days and are made from plants and vegetables. A few examples of goods available are: compostable clamshell and food/deli containers, corn based hot and cold cups, corn and potato starch cutlery, compostable straws, biodegradable trash bags, Styrofoam alternatives made from bagasse (sugar cane pulp) and more!

Passion Purveyors also works with funded agencies to bring you services you didn't know existed. We track down programs and rebates that apply to your specific business and do the legwork for you. We focus on delivering our products to you with NO MINIMUM ORDERS, FREE DOORSTEP DELIVERY AND COMPETITIVE PRICING. These products are then coupled with our un-paralleled service component to keep you a step ahead.


You are a restaurateur or cafe owner, a teacher planning a school event, a staff member or manager of a hospital or resort area, a person planning a gathering where food will be served, a catering business owner, etc. In short, if you are someone who uses cups, plates, to-go containers or any other disposable foodservice product, you will benefit from becoming part of the Passion Purveyors network.


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